Understanding Your McCormack & Associates Experience…

We help community banks in a variety of ways. We’re passionate about working with dedicated professionals to help their banks succeed. To understand what’s made MAi successful for the past 30 years, we found it important to explain our process and how we plan to interact with your team on the path to effective solutions and implementation.

Listening is Where it Starts1

Listening is Where it Starts

We're confident we can identify solutions, but we'll never understand your problem without listening. We pride ourselves in not just hearing banking problems, but truly listening and solving problems.

Identifying Needs & Solutions2

Identifying Needs & Solutions

With a clear picture of your problems and needs, we'll seek out the ideal solutions - and tell you specifically how we plan on connecting you with solutions that meet your bank's needs. With McCormack & Associate's experience, we usually have someone on staff that has walked in your shoes before.

Meet Your Specialized Team3

Meet Your Specialized Team

Your bank will be assigned a manager to walk with you through the process, including implementation. The manager, along with our team, will provide the knowledge and skills to assist your bank.

Time to Get in the Trenches4

Time to Get in the Trenches

When we drill down to the actionable solutions you need, you'll be surprised to find how ready we are to get in the trenches and work towards the solution with you. We will help you implement processes and procedures to limit future recommendations and violations from examiners. With our policies, consulting and audits, we will help you achieve your goals.