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We recently received a great compliment from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency through a fellow banker! Thank you for sharing this compliment!

From a fellow banker:

The OCC has really nice things to say about your reports! She was like the company out of Duncan has the most detail and recognize their audience as a Board, not auditors. They detail out every step, even if there is not a finding. These new reports we see only talk about the findings. The OCC aren’t happy with that.


Bob received this gracious note from a fellow banker in response to his letter of congratulations for being inducted into the Oklahoma Bankers Hall of Fame. Thank you for the flattering response!

Dear Bob,

Your message as to the Oklahoma Bankers Hall of Fame was very generous. I am enclosing a copy of a letter I wrote to Roger Beverage expressing my view on the process.

That said, I do appreciate the thought and particularly appreciate your expression of friendship and the opportunities we have had to work together. Your career in serving banks probably exceeds mine, and perhaps you should be a nominee.


We recently received this gracious note from a client and we wanted to share it with you. Thank you for sending such kind sentiments in honoring our 30th Anniversary!

Dear Bob,

When we first met in September of 1973, I knew you were a special person with impressive talents. Since that time, my initial impressions have proven to be under concluded!

Congratulations Bob on 30 years of McCormack and Associates. I trust that over the last few weeks, as you have given time to retrospect, you have gained self actualization from knowing you have been instrumental in redirecting many banks to successful operations which has both saved and created many jobs and helped develop numerous communities.

I salute you and all of your associates and thank you for making our business industry better and making our Great State of Oklahoma even a better place to live!

"FDIC Compliance Exam, State Safety and Soundness Exam, 60 PPP loans, (they all went great! Thank you and Bob for all your help this past few years) you make me look good."

"I thought that you might like to know that the BSA portion of our exam went very well. Nothing found and no recommendations. I was told that he did not dig very deep because our independent audit was so in-depth there was no reason for him to do more than a quick review."

“You have been a good friend and a great resource for our bank. I can always count on you to drop whatever you are doing and give me good banking advice. I can’t imagine what it would have been like not having your help.”

“We truly appreciate your commitment to the development of best practices across our state while developing a larger group of professional bankers to support our industry. Your work and the professional team you have assembled are highly respected by bankers and regulators alike.“

“Let's not forget the hours or phone calls spent on budgets, reviewing the IRRM, APM, bank reports and the list could go on and on. We cannot forget to thank you for informing the directors on 'hot topics' or providing a 'heads up' on pressing concerns. Your knowledge, wisdom and commitment to the banking industry have been greatly appreciated by banks across our state. We will also never forget the encouraging words you always provided every step of the way.”

“As years went by, we found it impossible to maximize our bank without the help of McCormack & Associates. Bob brought a dimension and discipline that some of us 'old country bankers' just did not have. Thank goodness he did. The timing of our need and his help made for a beautiful partnership! Should I ever decide to own and operate another bank, I would never finalize the deal unless Bob McCormack was in the boat with me!”

“I always appreciated your guidance and advice over the years, but probably not more than around the time of the year when developing our annual budget. Your advice of drawing the target "after" you shoot the arrow has served me in more applications than I can ever thank you enough for providing such sage insight. Rarely do I miss the bullseye. It's the simple things that you hire the consultants to point out and I am proud to say McCormack and Associates excel at keeping us pointed in the right direction.”

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