Planning Services

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MAi provides a capital planning boiler-plate policy that communicates capital planning guidelines from the Board of Directors to management and identifies contingent sources of capital.

The bank’s long-term capital plan should be based on the bank’s strategic plan. We have developed a model that facilitates and documents the bank’s long-term capital planning process, including stress-testing under adverse conditions.

We are available to assist management in the formulation of the capital planning policy and implementing the capital planning process.

Long-term financial and capital planning should be based on the bank’s strategic plan. We have developed a model, whereby financial objectives established in the strategic plan along with growth, expansion, product development, capital expenditures, and rate and yield assumptions are incorporated into the long-term financial and capital plan. A summarized five-year pro forma balance sheet and income statement are produced. Once the five-year plan is fine tuned and approved, the annual budget should be prepared based on the first year of the financial plan as well as goals and objectives established in the strategic plan. Long-term financial and capital plans, as well as the annual budget, should be prepared to test and validate strategic plan goals and objectives, and provide monitoring methodology. Sound planning processes will ensure that your bank performs at its highest level.

We guide banks through and facilitate the strategic planning process. A comprehensive strategic plan that is communicated throughout the organization ensures that the bank’s Board of Directors, management, and staff are all working toward common goals and objectives in an organized manner. The strategic plan is a prerequisite for successful long-term financial and capital planning and annual budgeting.

MAi assists community banks with strategic planning. We organize the planning process, facilitate planning meetings, and document the plan. Strategic planning goals and objectives should be validated through the bank’s financial plan, capital plan, and annual budget. Sound planning processes will ensure that your bank outperforms its competition.